Monday, June 15, 2009

Revit Worksharing on Wide Area Networks

We have been using this solution (GlobalSCAPE WAFS) to work between our remote office for a while now with our non-Revit files and it has been working great. I just received word today that their solution now works with Autodesk Revit Worksharing. This is great news and hope that it works as advertised. If you have been looking for a solution to work with Revit files over your WAN this is defiantly one worth checking out.

Hopefully we will have this rolled out to our Revit projects soon. I expect that you will be able to read more about this in the days to come. For now you can read below for the most current information available.


If you collaborate on projects across multiple locations, WAFS file sharing can now be used on Revit projects. No matter how many locations you have or how far apart they are, Revit Worksharing performance can be improved by up to 10x.

Some key benefits include…
Instant access to remote files with minimal bandwidth consumption
File coherence with real-time file locking, file release, and synchronization
Continuous back-up at the central server
Instant access to newly created files anywhere on the WAN
Secure encryption keeps your sensitive data safe
Completely transparent to end-users, no training required
Easy installation, browser-based management, and firewall friendly (tunnel through HTTP/S)

You can view a flash demo:

or read more detailed information from our website product page: