Friday, January 15, 2010

Redline Coordination Schedule (from a Structural Guy)

Another one of my articles (along with several others that are of great reading) have been published in the January/February 2010 issue of AUGIWorld magazine.

I encourage you to read mine as well as the others. They can be found at the below link.

AUGI World January/February 2010

Here is a quick blip of what I had to say. I hope you enjoy!

In my experiences using Autodesk Revit Structure for our projects, I have realized that the workflow is much different than what you are accustomed to doing in any other 2D environment. This is not an easy change, but if you just make an effort to seek something new you will see change start to happen. I am always looking for ways that not only change the workflow process while using Revit Structure, but also increase the team’s efficiency, both internally and externally.

One of those workflow processes that I would like to share is our Redline Coordination Schedule. This replaces the old hardcopy redline workflow we used in our 2D environment. We also use it where less-experienced users are working in the model and, if they do not feel comfortable making a certain change to the model, they can pass it off to a more experienced user who reviews the comments and picks them up as required.

I mentioned this workflow in the first Autodesk University class that I co-taught called, “Getting Your Company Ready for Revit Structure.” It was one of the biggest hits of the class. In fact, suggestions from other users helped make the process much better by sharing their thoughts and ideas about how the family should or could behave.

Hopefully, this article allows you to enhance your workflow and gets you thinking a bit differently about how you can keep communication ongoing between team members within your Revit model. With a bit more thought you may even develop ways to carry the communication to outside team members.

What exactly is it? .................

Read the complete article to find out!!