Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grouping Headers in a Schedule

When working in any Revit Platform you can find a lot of your wish list items by keeping your eye on the Options Bar. Even after using the software for a while now, I find new things that show up that I swear were not there the day before. But of course they have always been there.

Anyways... I had one of our users the other day ask me how I was able to group Length, Width and Depth under a Size field in the schedule. Something that a lot of users probably know how to do but also one of those features that can slip by you. In any case since I never like to just give out the answer, I told the user to select the Length, Width and Depth fields and than look at the Options Bar. They did, and they immediately figured it out. Go ahead, give it a try.

You can also use this Group command to display the Title of the schedule. Typically a schedule like this shows its title with the same name that the view is called. Their may be cases where you want the view name to be something other than the title of the schedule. In this case you can choose to not show the Title by going to the Appearance tab of the schedules properties and deselecting "Show Title". Than you can select all of the header fields in the schedule and select Group from the Options Bar. Now you can name the schedule whatever you want.

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